Rainbow Loom: Basic How-To’s


If you’re a new lover of the Rainbow Loom or simply wondering how it works, look no further. This summer’s hottest toy might look a bit intimidating at first, but don’t let that stop you from taking a shot at your craftiness.


The Basics:

Click here to learn how to hold the hook.

This video shows you all the basics of how to use the Rainbow Loom kit.


“The Single”

This is the most basic bracelet that can be made with the Rainbow Loom. It’s a great place to start, or a simple reminder of how to accomplish this classic style.

Click here to watch the video for the Single.


“The Diamond”

Try this pattern after you’ve done The Single. The Diamond incorporates more of the loom and takes your bracelet-making skills to the next level.

Click here to watch the video for the Diamond.


“The Rhombus”

This pattern is a new take on the classic Diamond pattern. After your child has mastered these basic shapes, their Rainbow Loom potential is ready to take off!

Click here to watch the video for the Rhombus.


The Rainbow Loom website has more than twenty videos showing you and your children different methods and patterns to use in order to create various crafts. Be sure to explore these options when your child is ready to try more advanced and difficult patterns on their Rainbow Loom. Since the Rainbow Loom is a new toy, new patterns are being discovered everyday! Encourage your child to use their creativity to create undiscovered patterns and shapes. With the Rainbow Loom, anything goes, and you are sure to have a unique craft once finished.


All of the above videos and more can be found on Rainbow Loom’s website: http://rainbowloom.com/instruction.html.


Check out our Facebook page for news on free Rainbow Loom instructional classes each week! And be sure to post pictures of your children’s creations, we would love to see!


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